Mermaidkin (merfolk-kin) is a type of otherkin in which they identify as a mermaid, or are a reincarnation of one. Merkin may also be Oceankin , or feel very strongy connected to the ocean, sea and aquatic animals. Merkin can come in forms such as mermaids, water fae, nymphs, undines, selchies, sea dragons, atlanteans, lemurians, etc.

Mermaid and mermen otherkin have strong natural connections with dolphins, have a desire to protect the world's oceans, enjoy activities such a surfing and swimming, take an interest in marine biology, often dream of the sea, find their "happy place" by the water, have had a strong obsession with mermaids since childhood, enjoy storms and singing, are eco-friendly and are naturally intelligent. Some also have natural red tints in their hair, green or hazel eyes, feel constantly thirsty and feel cold, even in hot temperatures.

Types of Merkin

Freshwater Merfolk

  • The Amabie

Also known as the koi mermaid, the gentle and beautiful mermaids of Japan. Peaceful by nature, these beautiful mers are also shy, courageous, strong-willed, ambitious, generous, protective and curious. It is considered good luck to be in a body of water with an amabie.

These mers have tails of white and peach, with red, orange or black markings. In Japanese legends, the Amabie would allegedly have three legs and would prophosise about great harvests and epidemics. Koi mermaids are a symbol of friendship and luck and may even be able to endure the two.

  • River Mermaids

Also known as The Lara (Brazil) or Water Woman (Native America). They are strong, romantic, mysterious and kind with tears that are said to grant wishes. Their tails come in murky colours such as shades of green, brown and blue to blend into their freshwater surroundings. They are also said to be immortal.

Saltwater Mermaids

  • Deep Sea Mermaids

These merfolk stay below the water for weeks on end and have strong bones built for the high water pressure. They require gills spread across their body and usually have fangs or claws to fight off the many predators from the deep sea. Some deep sea mermaids and mermen also have echolocation or have trained their eyes to see in the dark ocean.

Their tails are generally dark to avoid predators with a messy, unattractive appearance. They have pale skin and are usually very thin from a lack of food so deep in the ocean. Their personality can be cruel, unkind and violent and hey generally live alone.

  • Arctic Mermaids

Atlantic mers live in the Arctic circle but are also common in other very cold climates. Their bodies carry flubber to keep them warm, as well as other insulation. They have icey personalities, with ice-like tail colours, such as ash, light blue and white. These mermaids have strong muscles, fangs and claws and enjoy eating squid.

  • Tropical Mermaids

Also known as Reefers or Coral Reef Mers. This mer type live amongst the coral reefs in Australia, the Carribean, Fiji, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy and more. Their tails are beautiful and decorative with colours to match glowing coral, such as shades od pink, orange and red. Their tail flukes are also very decoarative and come in many bright designs.

Reefers are strong, friendly and fearless, developing strong bonds with aquatic mammals and fighting against local sharks. Their long, slender bodies allow them to flow freely through coral and caves.

  • Traveler Mermaids

Travellers migrate a lot and dwell on land a lot. They have strong flukes to travel long distances and their tails consist of mainly blue colours with extra fins for speed and balance. Though, they can only swim to about 1,000 meters, these mers have strong relationships with dolphins and other aquatic mammals. Their kind, friendly nature makes them great to be around.