Werewolf culture is severely misunderstood. This is how to tap into your inner wolf, the real kind, not the fake stuff you see on TV. The public understanding of werewolves is highly false. This ritual is what triggers the lycan within the chosen few that still have the “werewolf” gene in them. Be warned: if you are not a wolf or have the “werewolf” gene, this will NOT WORK. You can only perform the ritual on the night of the full moon, of course.

What you will need:

  • Hair from a canine (mature, grey)
  • Find a secluded area in the woods
  • A tooth that was taken by force
  • Moonstone
  • A shiny, silvery knife
  • Raw meat
  • A flame light source of any kind that can stand on its own, and something to re-light it
  • Something to draw a pattern in the ground with (like a stick or string)
  • A figure that you made yourself to represent you in the ritual (has to have a part of you in it)


  1. Bury the figure of you with the canine hair and the tooth.
  2. Draw a circle around where you buried them
  3. Where you stand facing the circle is very important - stand facing the moon, wherever it may be. You must be able to see it. Now look down at the circle. You need to place the moonstone, knife, meat, and flame at even points around the circle. The Moonstone represents the full moon, place this the furthest from where you are. Closest to you is the raw meat, representing the new moon. To your left, representing the waxing crescent, is the flame. On the right, the knife, representing the waning crescent.
  4. Now stand in the middle of the circle. Take your shoes off- this will connect you better to the wildlife. You will start to feel your wolf-like callings. Do not be surprised if you start to feel the need to howl- don’t hold back. After a while, you may start to see visions of your past life or lives as a wolf. Your hair will stand up on end. Close your eyes and put your fists into your eyes until you see stars. Then open your eyes and breath in- you will feel more like a wolf. It is time to embrace your wolf instincts.
  5. Snuff out the flame- wolves don’t have fire. Eat the meat- this will fuel the wolf inside you, trying to show itself. Urinate on the moonstone- this to assert dominance over your new territory. Lastly- take the knife and stab it in the middle of the circle and leave it there, this is effectively “killing” your human self. It is a sign of your transition into lycanthropy.


You must perform the post ritual before you enter completely into your wolf state (see warning below for more information). This works best if you have not left your territory.

  1. Take a few deep breaths. Look away from the moon, close your eyes if you feel called to. This is not a necessary step, however it is advised, especially for beginners, as it is a good way to ground yourself, while still in wolf state
  2. Re-light the candle. This is something that only humans can do, it will make your psyche get called back to the human in you. Put on your shoes, disconnecting from the wild. Do NOT look at the moon until the sun has risen, as you may relapse.
  3. This may be difficult, but some find it beneficial to write a letter, call a friend, use a human language, or technology. If you’re a beginner, start with a letter, as you may act weird on a phone call (also people will wonder why you are awake in the wee hours of the morning).
  4. Once you feel calm and almost fully human again, take the knife out of the earth. This is the final step in bringing you back. You may leave the other items here, as you may wish to perform the ritual again.


  • Do not do this with other people. They are the ties to your human side and may hold you back, especially if they see these transformations. They are mostly likely to wolfkin like you and will become afraid.
  • Do not use a tooth that was not taken by force- it is too passive. You are a wolf. Remember this.
  • Do not wear any furs while performing this. Your anatomy may start to change, and for the worse. You may start to lose the balance and control of your wolf side and human side. Fake fur is fine.
  • Do not video this transaction. That tie to humanity is too strong and it may prevent you from fully unlocking your wolf self.
  • Don’t use cat’s eye moonstone- this is self explanatory. Be sure to not use any cat-related things of any kind, or else the ritual won’t work. Grey moonstone is best to use, since it perceives beyond the veil, but if you don’t have grey that’s ok. Blue is second best, rainbow is ok, peach is the worst, however usually it still works, just won’t be as strong.
  • MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT STAY IN THIS STATE. Always perform the post ritual. Staying in your wolf state for extended period of time will cause damage to your psyche. You may become a threat to others, and it becomes more and more difficult to revert back the longer you are in this wolf state. You MUST shift back before day time, or all of these issues plus health issues such as itchiness, restlessness, dry throat, stiff joints, and intense thirst.
  • This ritual has been documented to have an addicting quality. On the days leading up to the following full moon, you will have stronger wolf-like urges, and may be drawn to perform the ritual again. These urges increase in intensity the more you do the ritual- so pace yourself. It is unwise to perform the ritual more than 8 times in a year, or four times in a row.

If you have done all of the steps above correctly- you will have successfully tapped into your wolf self. Many feel more free and happy in days following the ritual. This procedure is not for everyone- only the most dedicated and passionate wolfkin. Be aware of the ramifications of this custom and be safe in your wolfly activities. I hope you live a better, more balanced life by going through this ritual.