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About: TherianEdit

Therians are people who identify, in some intrinsic way, as an animal that exists or has existed on earth. Some believe that their soul is that of an animal while others identify as a non-human animal for brain-related reasons. They often but not always experience Ph-Shifting and M-Shifting. Ph-shifting being when you feel phantom limbs related to your theriotype (NOT physical shifting), and M-shifting being when your mentality becomes closer to your kintype (however this is not an excuse for causing harm to or harassing others in any way). Some try to induce shifts to feel closer to their kintype and understand more.


When it comes to personality, therians are just like any normal human being. They understand they will be looked at differently from other people because of what they call themselves, but it's just a type of spirituality, though it is not spiritual for everyone. They walk, talk, and act like anyone else. They aren't connected to animals as most people might think, and their relationship with their type only derives from their soul, or in the case of psychological therians', their minds.  

Therian TypesEdit

Therian types are categorized as any living or extinct animal that has once or still exists on Earth. Although wolves and felines are more common, they are not the only types. They are common due to the close connectivity that humans and these types have had with each other throughout history.


Therians often experience shifts of which there are many types:

  • 1. Phantom shifts: These shifts are when the person can feel their phantom limbs as if they were solid and physical. This makes them feel more like their kintype.
  • 2. Mental shifts: Where the shifter takes on a mentality of the kintype, but do not completely act like them.
  • 3. Dream shifts: These shifts involve vivid dreams of being their kintype.
  • 4. Auric shifts: When the individual's aura or subtle body may shift or change to resemble that of their animalside.


1. It is often thought that furries and therians are the same. This is almost entirely false. Therianthropy is an identity. While there is some overlap, not all therians are furries and vice versa.

2. Not all therians are teenagers. There are many therians that are actually adults.

3. Therianthropy is not a phase. There are many therians that have been in the community for a very long time.

4. Teen werewolves and therians are not the same thing. Teen werewolves are people who wear tails, collars, etc for style, not therianthropy.

5. Not all therians have to wear tails, collars, etc. A large amount of people in the community don't wear these items.

6. Not all therians are mentally ill. Some therians are mentally ill, but the majority of therians are not.

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