So I decided that I would try some new colors. I found a color palette (you can find it here: and used some of the colors from it. If you don't like it, I can easily change it back to the previous colors. Anyway, I also changed some other things.

I added article comments, message walls, forums, and chat. These will make it easier to talk with other members. I may add achievements later when I have the chance to get on the computer instead of my slow Kindle.

I may also change some of the rules. They probably won't be any major changes, but I can definetely say that at least a few of the rules will be changed in some way.

EDIT: I ended up re-writing all of the rules. Sorry! But these rules are definetely better (Sorry again).

I may give a couple other people admin rights, since I have school and other responsibilities and I may not be available in case vandalism or other stuff. If you simply ask for admin rights, I will most likely not give you them. You have earn those admin rights. I would reccomend creating a forum thread asking for admin rights and listing why you should be admin (and don't be afraid to brag!).

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