Basic Rules

  • No harassment
  • No vandalising
  • No spam
  • No trolling
  • No use of racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, or ableist slurs
  • No fakeclaiming people. Just because you don't think fictionkin are valid, you don't like someone's source, or whatever else it may be doesnt mean you can invalidate others


A warning will be given for minor harassment, spam, or vandalism. There will be no second warnings, so if you break a rule a second time, you will be blocked for an amount of time depending on the severity. Keep in mind that you may be given a warning for a reason outside of the rules.


In some cases, a block or ban may be given without any warning. This may occur if you severely break a rule. This ban may range from a few hours to infinitely. An infinite ban would rarely be given with your first incident, rather it would be given after multiple incidents. Keep in mind that you may be given a ban for a reason outside of the rules.

Reporting a Problem

If you have a problem with another user or you see another user breaking a rule, you can report it by leaving a message on my wall and I will review it. It would be helpful to provide links to the problem so I can easily solve the problem.