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Warrior Cats/Warriors kin have kintypes from the Warrior Cats book series written under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. The books are about several clans of feral cats living together as neighbors, and follows the cats as they hunt, are given prophecies from their dead ancestors, fight with neighboring Clans, and try to survive. WCkin falls under fictionkin, not therian, as the books heavily factionalize and anthropomorphize the lives of both feral and pet cats.

Many WCkin experience canon divergence. They may have looked one way in the books but looked differently in their canon, or they may have died in the books but survived in their canon. Canon divergence has nothing to do with validity of your kintype. Your canon's similatiries to source canon do not impact your valitidy as fictionkin.

Clans/Other Groups

There are currently 4 main Clans in Warriors, as well as an additional Clan, a Tribe, several bands of strays, and housecats.


By far the most well-known. Thunderclan is the home to nearly all of the main-series books' protagonists. Thunderclan's territory is a deciduous forest. They're known for their unique ability to hunt and fight in dense undergrowth. They are known for taking in loners and housecats, and for a very long time were led by a former kittypet named Firestar. They are known as fierce, courageous, and loyal warriors, and are generally peaceful and respectful of cats outside their clan.


ShadowClan live in an evergreen forest that is swampy and dark. They are proud, loyal, and defensive, but can be a bit arrogant at times. They often seem to be misunderstood, and are portrayed by the other Clans as battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for territory. ShadowClan has the smallest amount of territory and prey, which may justify some of their actions and conflicts over territory. ShadowClan cats hunt best at night, and are well-known for their skills at sneaking and ambushing.


RiverClan's territory has always been near water. In the Forest, they lived near a river, and at the Lake their territory is flanked by two streams. RiverClan cats are known for their amazing skill at fishing and for their affinity for water. They are contented, clever, and graceful, but are seen by outside Clans as stubborn and lazy. RiverClan often goes well-fed even during winter, leading to their reputation as lazy cats.


WindClan cats live in an open moor. They're known for their love of open spaces, and for their speed and agility. They're fiercely loyal, but can also be nervous and quick to flee due to the lack of cover in their territory. Thy are considered to be the fastest, and are amongst the most quick witted cats. They are often the easiest to offend but the least likely to start battles between of ther Clans.


SkyClan is the fifth clan, pushed out of the Forest territory long ago and reformed fairly recently by Firestar of ThuncerClan. They live in a gorge carved by a river, and their territory extends to the forest nearby. Modern SkyClan cats retained their ancestors' strong hind legs, allowing them to jump great heights and distances, as well as thick paw pads which help them jump and walk long distances. Not much can be said about their personality yet, as they are still new to the source's narrative.

Tribe of Rushing Water

Originally seen in the New Prophecy arc, and later in the Power of Three arc, the Tribe cats live on a mountain between the Forest and Lake territories. They are smaller and leaner than Clan cats, and hold a similar belief that their ancestors watch over them as the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Their leadership system is also different. Their leader, Stoneteller, also acts as the Tribe's healer. The Tribe is only briefly interacted with in the books, so not much can be said about them.


Loners are cats living on their own who don't belong to a clan and aren't looked after by humans. They are passive to the Clans and some, like Barley from the Forrest territory, are friends with Clan cats.


Rogues are like loners, but cause trouble for Clan cats by attacking warriors, stealing prey, or marking Clan territory as their own. Some are exiles from their Clan, such as Mapleshade who was exiled for the death of her kits. A large group of rogues calling themselves BloodClan once fought a war against the Clans, back in the Forest territory.


Kittypets are housecats kept as pets by humans. Some, like Firestar's childhood friend Smudge, are fearful of the Clans. Others are indifferent, some are even hostile. Occasionally a warrior may leave theyr clan and become a kittypet, such as Pinestar of ThunderClan, or return to being a kittypet, like Snookthorn of SkyClan.

StarClan/Tribe of Endless Hunting

StarClan is the home of the Clan cats' dead ancestors who guide them through prophecies and visits in their dreams. The Tribe of Endless Hunting is similar, though they guide the Tribe of Rushing Water.

Clan Jobs

The Clans are led by one leader each. A leader is granted 9 lives by StarClan, usually by dead family members or close friends. Leaders take the suffix -star when they are granted their nine lives, and this suffix stays with them even through death, such as with Bluefur becoming Bluestar and retaining that suffix when in StarClan.

Each leader appoints a deputy, who organizes everyday things such as hunting or border patrols.

Each Clan has a medicine cat, a healer and spiritual guidance vessel for their clan. They are celibate, and cannot take mates or bare kits (though this rule is often broken).

Most cats are warriors, hunting to provide for their clan and patroling borders to protect their clan.

Apprentices are young cats older than 6 months old who are training to be a warrior or medicine cat but have not proven themselves worthy of graduation yet. They are paired with a mentor who teaches them how to fight, hunt, and patrol.

Pregnant or nursing cats are known as queens, and they and their kits live in the nursery where they are protected from most danger.

Old cats are known as elders, and move into the elders' den when they're too old or disabled to care for themselves.